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Anorectal manometry is an examination that is done to assess the reactions and strength of the muscles necessary to have a standard bowel movement. The exam is typically performed on people who are struggling with fecal incontinence or constipation. The exam studies the strength of the anal sphincter muscles, the sensation in the rectum, and the reactions of the colon muscles. If you need an anorectal manometry test in San Antonio, TX, you can find a GI provider who can perform this exam at your nearest San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates location.

You will have to “clean out” your large intestine prior to the test. This can be accomplished by consuming a laxative and abstaining from food 24 hours before your test. It is best to talk with your provider concerning the particular arrangements you should make prior to your anorectal manometry.

What should I expect during my anorectal manometry exam?

You will not need to be sedated over the course of the procedure. You will be asked to relax on your side, and a San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates technician will gradually place a tiny pliable pipe through your anal sphincter and into the rectum. You may feel slightly uncomfortable, however, you should experience little to no pain. Measurements will be done based on the response of your inner muscles and interpreted by your GI specialist. The exam could be about 10 to 20 minutes, and you will speak about your results with your gastroenterologist directly following the procedure. After your anorectal manometry exam in San Antonio, TX, you will be allowed to go home and resume your regular diet and schedule.

Anorectal manometry is a low-risk test that is not likely to cause any discomfort. While problems are uncommon, some of the possible risks are perforation (tearing) of the rectum, hemorrhage, and gear failure. If you are allergic to latex, you should tell your nurse or technician before the procedure begins.

If you or a family member is dealing with constipation or fecal incontinence, an anorectal manometry in San Antonio, TX can assess the crucial muscles that work to allow normal bowel movements. This exam can help your gastroenterologist diagnose and manage conditions that might be hindering you from having normal bowel movements. To discover more about this procedure and other various diagnostic tools for GI troubles, request an appointment at your nearest San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates location.

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