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Ileitis is a GI issue characterized by discomfort or swelling of the ileum, which is the lowest portion of the small intestine where it connects to one's large intestine. Effects of ileitis may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of weight
  • Cramping or pain in one's abdomen, or fistulas (unusual openings that develop between parts of one's intestine)

Ileitis can occur due to a multitude of diseases, though Crohn's disease is the most common. Other instigating factors might include infections, effects of ischemia, NSAIDs, and atypical growths. Should you require care for ileitis in San Antonio, TX, help is close at hand. Get the care you deserve by calling a GI specialist at your nearest San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates location today.

Pinpointing the main cause of ileitis is critical to efficiently treat this gastrointestinal concern as well as to the treatment plan chosen by your gastrointestinal provider. Your GI provider will analyze your medical history and perform a thorough physical examination. A series of assessments may also be ordered in order to verify the diagnosis, which may incorporate stool analysis, X-rays, barium X-rays of the small intestine, CT scan, colonoscopy (when a narrow lighted tube is inserted into the anus for a close examination), and biopsy.

If you are concerned that ileitis could be causing you pain, contact a San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates location near you to consult with a GI provider who can provide you with an appropriate treatment plan.

Depending upon the findings of the diagnostic exams, ileitis can be treated through medications like antibiotics, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatories, antidiarrheal and immunosuppressant medications, and dietary supplements to reduce inflammation and control related symptoms. Surgery may be recommended if symptoms cannot be controlled via medications or if complications develop. Surgery can be used to excise the diseased area and fix intestinal bleeding. It is important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, keep a healthy diet, and avoid smoking.

For further details concerning treatment for ileitis in San Antonio, TX, schedule an appointment with any of our GI providers.

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You do not have to deal with inflammation and aggravation for the rest of your life. To hear more about receiving ileitis treatment in San Antonio, TX, and the lifestyle adjustments that make recovery possible, reach out to our group of GI providers today. We encourage you to contact a San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates location near you to coordinate a time for a consultation.

Very good update on all tests done ✅

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The waiting time was minimal pleasant and caring staff, nurses and P.A. Spencer explained my endo. results and listened to my question and concerns. I’m glad she took her time to listen and explain. Great experience!

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Methodists hospital services saved my life! Dr. Serna is an excellent gastrologist with a professional bedside manner. His staff is caring and helpful. I am cured and feel like my old self again. Self-care is very important throughout our lives. When it's time to get the colonoscop, DO IT!! Do not wait until something drastic happens. Peace

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Gave me insight regarding my Diverticulitis diagnosis.

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Love Dr. Otero. He is caring, understanding and patient. He takes time 2 listen and explain everything.

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