Preparing for Your GI Procedure

Colonoscopy Prep Instructions

Click on your physician’s name for directions for preparing for your procedure.

Every physician at San Antonio Gastroenterology Center has their own specific instructions for colonoscopy prep. Instructions range from the day before your procedure to one week out.

Make sure to follow the prep exactly as specified by your physician

What to Expect

About a week before your procedure, someone from your SAGA physician’s office will contact you to let you know of any prescriptions or procedures you need to follow. If you do not hear from your physician’s office, call the office.

If you are on certain medications, you may be asked to consult your primary care physician before your colonoscopy.

The day before your procedure, you will most likely be instructed to refrain from eating or drinking, except for water and light broths. It is wise to take the day off from work and limit travel on this day as you are detoxing your colon. This process is important in order for the gastroenterologist to have a clear view of the colon.

If you have any other questions about your colonoscopy prep, contact your physician.