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What is diverticulosis?

Diverticulosis is the condition when balloon-like sacs inside the intestine protrude through weak spots in the outer lining of the colon. Though the pouches, termed diverticula, could appear in any part of the colon, they are most commonly found on the left half of the abdomen, known as the sigmoid and descending colon. Diverticulosis is normally a benign condition and does not usually lead to noticeable signs. Diverticulosis and diverticulitis are both considered diverticular diseases. Diverticulitis is a condition in which the little pockets are diseased or inflamed. You have to have diverticulosis before you can have diverticulitis. In the event that you have diverticulosis, it is vital to be monitored by a gastroenterologist to help safeguard against diverticulitis. We invite you to connect with San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates today to request a consultation. Our GI providers are pleased to offer specialized treatment for diverticular conditions in San Antonio, TX.

What are the reasons for developing diverticulosis?

Experts are still unsure of the definite reason for the development of diverticulosis. The main agreement is that the pouches come through the outside colon when a significant amount of pressure in the large intestine is applied, from colon spasms, or straining to push out stool. Additionally, there seems to be a strong relationship with family history, which indicates that genes may put a person at a greater risk of developing diverticulosis. Age is the primary risk determinant for diverticulosis. The problem can occur in men and women alike. Beginning when you turn 40, the chance of developing diverticulosis surges about every 10 years. Roughly half of individuals between the ages of 60-80 develop diverticulosis, and the majority of patients over the age of 80 are diagnosed with the problem.

What are the symptoms of diverticular disease?

Often, you will not notice symptoms of diverticulosis. If a person does have evidence of diverticulosis, it can include:

  • Stomach pain and cramping
  • Loose stools
  • Constipation
  • Bloating

When you have any worrisome symptoms in your gastrointestinal tract like those listed, call a San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates location near you to speak with a GI provider in your community.

What are the solutions for diverticulosis?

The primary goal of care for diverticulosis is to keep the sacs from getting diseased or inflamed. The San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates providers can offer the best options to benefit your condition, although some possible treatments include:

  • A diet high in fiber
  • Take fiber supplements
  • Probiotics

A few ways to prevent diverticulosis include:

  • Lose weight if needed
  • Stop taking NSAID pain relievers like ibuprofen
  • Stay away from red meat and high-fat foods
  • Stop smoking and/or don’t start using tobacco
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The GI specialists for diverticulosis

If you suffer from diverticulosis and wish to prevent the serious concern of diverticulitis, it is vital to consult with a digestive health expert so you can manage your problem. You can seek out a local GI specialist through our physician-led practice of gastroenterologists at your nearest San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates location. In the event that you have indications of a GI problem or need therapy for diverticulosis in San Antonio, TX, contact us as soon as possible to request a consultation so you can maintain optimal digestive health.

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