Americans are increasingly encouraged to take greater responsibility for their own health, particularly where preventive measures are concerned. However, there are some aspects of your health that should only be handled by an expert and colon cancer screenings  certainly qualify.

You may be thinking, ‘But aren’t there home kits available to screen for colon cancer?’

Yes, and they certainly sound appealing. They’re advertised as accurate and highly convenient. You can use them in your own bathroom. What could be easier?

The True Cost of At-Home Colon Cancer Screening Kits

Unfortunately, these kits aren’t as reliable or convenient as they claim. They’re not that easy to use, and research shows the risk of contamination is high. It also reveals a few worrying truths:

  • 13% of consumers will get a false positive
  • Nearly 10% of colon cancers are missed
  • 58% of potentially precancerous adenomas go undetected

Colon cancer is a serious disease, and diagnosis requires expertise. If your at-home colon cancer screening kit  gives a positive result, you will need to visit a gastroenterologist immediately.

Unfortunately, your decision not to opt for a screening colonoscopy in the first place may cost you money. Your gastroenterologist will have to schedule a diagnostic colonoscopy, and although screening colonoscopies are covered by most insurance plans, diagnostic colonoscopies often are not. Using an at-home screening kit first may mean you’re responsible for the cost of any diagnostic procedures, because your second screening may no longer qualify as a preventive health benefit.

Of course, if your kit gives you a negative result, you’ll never be 100 percent sure it’s correct. A false negative could cost you your life.

Let the Experts Take Care of You

By choosing a colonoscopy  performed by a highly-trained gastroenterologist, you will benefit from:

  • Colon cancer screening results with greater accuracy, specificity, and reliability
  • The knowledge that your gastroenterologist will alert you to any other gastrointestinal conditions they find
  • The removal of any cancerous or precancerous abnormalities – a vital preventive measure

Don’t leave your health to chance. Choose a colon cancer screening you can trust: a colonoscopy performed by an expert gastroenterologist.